Extraordinary Lovers Are Made, Not Born

"Inside of every one of you, there is the potential for greatness — the ability not just to heal but to empower, the knowledge that you are enough."

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Ready to unlock your true sexual potential?

Buckle up for a wild ride of self-discovery and sexual empowerment! Say goodbye to the tired old advice from Cosmo, it's time to dive deeper and tap into your own pleasure and power.

Join me on this exhilarating journey as we shatter the boundaries of pleasure. Together with psychosexual psychologist Dr. Saida Desilets, we'll unlock secrets and reveal mind-blowing techniques for unforgettable experiences. Get ready to rock your world and embrace a whole new level of sexual fulfillment.

Don't wait another moment to ignite your desires and claim your spot in this extraordinary adventure. It's time to take control, liberate your passions, and rewrite your own rules of pleasure.





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Together with Dr. Saida Desilets, we've created Free mini courses for men and women

Send Her to God

4-day mini course (4 videos)
The 4 most important things that will make you the best she ever had. You can put it into practice right away, no matter size, stamina or experience.

Blow His Mind

4-day mini course (4 videos)
I will teach you the 4 most important things that will make you blow his mind and make him come back again and again.


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Hi, I'm Aaron Michael, author of Optimal Sex Life, and I have helped more than 100,000 women and men to have a happier and more fulfilled life by optimizing one of the most essential parts of their life: SEX & INTIMACY.

I’ve worked one-on-one with thousands of women, helping them to remove pain and emotional blocks, support them to access full body orgasms, and access their untapped pleasure. I’ve also coached men and couples, and understand what is often overlooked in sexual education for epic sex. 

I’d love to help you understand how to blow your partner’s mind, not just one or twice, but for as long as you desire.

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